Welcome to FIGI.

Freedom Internet Group Inc. was formed in November 2018. Today, this micro private equity firm is welcoming internet-based businesses of all sizes to the financial freedom of royalty-based capital.

Our core team comes from small-cap private equity, accounting, and law.

Alton “Ace” Chapman

Alton “Ace” Chapman
Founder and CEO

  • Leading online business investor with a 20-year track record of success

  • Invested in 100+ Internet-based businesses

  • Unique deal sourcing ability thanks to deep relationships and proprietary/off-market deal flow

  • Current portfolio has 40+ companies

Noah B. Rosenfarb
Chairman and CFO

  • 20+ years investing in businesses

  • 10+ years as professional investor

  • Freedom funds – R/E, PE, Debt

  • First Internet startup in 1999

Ronald G. Rosenfarb, ESQ.

  • Licensed attorney in NY and NJ for 20+ years

  • Former head of a securities class action law firm

  • Ran operations for multiple service companies

Royalty Portfolio