Web-based businesses need capital to grow and compete, but what are your options?

lending market

The lending market is lacking for small to mid-sized online businesses seeking less than $1 million in outside capital.

Venture capital

Venture capital and private equity or angel investors limit an owner’s autonomy and require surrendering precious equity in return for financing.

Debt lenders

Debt lenders such as banks or the SBA are inaccessible to emerging businesses.

equity-based sources

Conventional equity-based sources try to serve online businesses the same way they serve brick and mortar businesses.

FIGI provides royalty-based financing to emerging internet-based businesses in all industries.


Receive funding in 2-6 months

Inflexible monthly payments at fixed amount

Additional fees

10-60% cost of equity

Variable term length

Retain equity but with credit score implications

Receive funding within 4 weeks

Retain equity and control

No additional fees

20-100% cost of equity

Contract ends upon buyout

Monthly payments as decreasing percent of revenue growth

VC & Angles

Receive funding after 6+ months

Surrender 10-40% equity and control

Payment upon exit

There may be additional fees

100%+ cost of equity

Contract ends upon exit

FIGI’s process takes less than 4 weeks to complete, doesn’t require surrendering of equity, is tax-deductible, and offers flexible deals that are written in clear terms.

Our royalties decline in percentage as revenue increases, allowing business owners to profit from higher margins as sales increase. A hypothetical deal could look something like this:

Company X, an e-commerce business, generates $1.5 million in annual revenue and has $750k EBITDA.

FIGI purchases a royalty for $450k that entitles FIGI to:

  • 10% of Company X’s revenue up to $1.5 million per year,
  • 5% from $1.5 million to $2.5 million and
  • 1% thereafter.

If sales remain at $1.5 million, FIGI receives $150,000 each year (10% of revenue).

If sales rise to $2.5 million, FIGI receives $200,000 each year (5% of revenue).

If sales rise to $3.5 million, FIGI receives $210,000 each year (1% of revenue).

Our Aligned Interest model means that when you grow, we both win. To ensure your continued growth and profitability, we provide you with access to our ecosystem and business networks. No strings, no board seats, no forced sales.

When You Apply

What happens when you apply?

Our quick pre-application form lets us get to know you to see if we’re a good fit.

We use data to qualify candidates and provide actionable business insights to all applicants.

When you submit your basics, we’ll send a few emails with more information and next steps.

Approval is delivered in as little as 2 weeks and can be adjusted to accommodate unique growth equity plans. Fundraising has never been easier or faster.